Be A Champion

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Are you excited about what God is doing through Agape? Would you like to share that passion with others?


Become an Agape Champion!


 A Champion is one “who fights for or defends a person or cause.” Are you willing to fight for street children? Will you defend the work of Agape? The Champion program uses the gifts and talents of Agape supporters who are passionate about Agape to significantly expand the number of people worldwide who know about, are praying for, and financially supporting Agape.


A Champion is

    • A committed Christian with a consistent witness for Christ. Just as Christ comes first in Agape’s ministry, we want Champions who live God-honoring lives, worship with other believers, and actively study and practice God’s word.

    • Currently an Agape donor. A minimum annual donation of $360 or being an active Partner for Hope is required of all Agape Champions.

    • Familiar with Agape’s work and willing to continue learning. We will provide you with written and media material to increase what you know about Agape so you can answer questions to the best of your ability. Keeping current with changes in the ministry will help you be an effective Champion.


Champions commit to:

  • Initiating activites that give them opportunities to share about Agape’s work. Ideally, Champions would speak in 1-2 churches each year and host 3-4 smaller home-based events.  We’ll give you all the help we can in getting these events set up and provide you with lots of tools to make them successful! 

  • Finding sponsors for a minimum of two beds each year though our Kitanda Project.

  • Signing up a minimum of eight new Partners for Hope each year.

  • Hosting one fundraising event each year. Again, we’ll give you lots of suggestions and tools to help this be a great success for both you and Agape.


Interested? Start here: Path to becoming an Agape Champion.