Donate Things We Need

You can imagine the number of THINGS we must buy to provide for the hundreds of children we care for each day. Every item that we don’t have to purchase is a blessing to our ministry. We regularly have missionaries traveling between our offices in California and Kenya so getting your donations to Kenya is easy.


Why not have a drive and collect things our kids need? A donation would bless not only the children of Agape, but your family as well!


Boy’s Clothing Items

used or new

  • Soccer or other sport shorts (S-XL)

  • Sports jerseys (S-XL)

  • Adjustable waist pants (Sizes 8-14)

  • Adjustable waist shorts (Sizes 8-14)

  • Flannel shirts

Fun Things


  • Crayola crayons

  • Child size scissors

  • Tetherballs

  • Volleyballs

  • Plastic lace for lanyards

  • Puzzles (20-60 durable pieces)

If you have other items you’d like to donate, please call our office at 209.543.9255.