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Since 1993, Agape has been bringing the love of Jesus to the street children of Kenya.


Our 1.5 acre campus houses two dorms with a capacity of 96 beds. Through our outreach program, boys are RESCUED from the streets and brought to a place of safety and care.
Our primary priority has always been to teach these hurting children that their true hope lies only in the REDEEMING love of Jesus. Through our three-week transition class, daily devotions, weekly worship services, and a staff who values discipleship, boys find forgiveness for their pasts and hope for their futures. Our discipleship program focuses on Godly character traits and boys are challenged to not just make a, “decision” for Christ, but to lead lives that bring Him glory and honor.


We also know that our boys need REHABILITIVE care. Our counseling team takes each boy through a process of dealing with their past traumas and determining the factors that led to their life on the streets. Classes in anger management, spiritual warfare, and discipleship encourage boys to face issues in their lives while giving them tools that they can use throughout their lifetime.


Boys are given academic assessments as well so we can determine their scholastic ability. Unfortunately, years of being out of school, and the effects of sniffing glue, lead to many of our children being years behind. Our on-campus school is evaluating and making changes to our methods and materials to ensure that we are helping our boys in the best way possible. For many of our boys, secondary education is beyond their grasp and as they mature, we help them find apprenticeships in trades that will enable them to become self-sufficient. Many of our boys continue on at Agape’s Vocational Training school where they study trades that lead to national certification.


But Agape is not a long-term care facility. We believe that the best place for a child to be is with his family, in his home community. We seek to REINTEGRATE a child back to his home as soon as we possibly can. We visit each child’s home to determine the truth that led to the child leaving and work to counsel and encourage families in their role as providers for their children. As we come alongside both the child and the family, we see God work to restore unity. Since we began to focus on reintegration in 2009, over 400 children have been safely returned to their families!
Our missionaries and Kenyan staff delight in joining God as He works to care for the street children of Kisumu. Pray with us that the lives of these precious children will continue to be forever changed.

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