Core Beliefs

It is our purpose and desire to bring honor and glory to the Lord by demonstrating His love, mercy, and compassion to street children and children at risk.


We believe that every child is of ultimate worth and value to God, so much so that He sent Christ to die for them individually that they might be reconciled to Him.

Therefore…we endeavor to help children value themselves not on the basis of how they have been treated by others, but on the basis of God’s love for them.


…we seek to provide an environment of acceptance and unconditional love to support and encourage each child and to deal with each child on the basis of their individual needs and circumstances.

We believe that every child is entitled to have their basic physical needs for safety, shelter, food, clothing, and medical care adequately met.

Therefore…we provide these things for each child residing on our Agape campuses.

…we seek to address the need for food, clothing, and medical care for as many children who remain on the streets as possible.


…we will not endeavor to reintegrate a child back into their family until we are satisfied the family can meet the child’s basic physical needs.

We believe that the Lord instituted the family unit as the ideal environment for raising and nurturing children.

Therefore…when we rescue a child and bring them to one of our Agape campuses, we immediately explore the child’s family situation with the goal in mind of ultimately reconnecting and reuniting that child with their immediate or extended family.

…when the family situation is not conducive to providing appropriate care for the child, we endeavor to work with the family to build an acceptable environment for reintegrating the child with the family.

…when an adequate family situation does not exist, Agape provides a loving, supportive environment for the child with a high staff-to-child ratio so that each child receives the love and individual attention they need.

We believe that every child has the right to grow and fully develop emotionally and spiritually.

Therefore…each child undergoes a comprehensive assessment for their emotional and spiritual needs and individual plans are developed for each child to ensure they have the tools they need to heal and grow.

…we train and equip our staff on an on-going basis so they can assess and counsel the children in our care.

…we employ trained Social Workers and Chaplains to develop programs of care for each child.

…in a non coercive way, we regularly present the life-changing message of the Gospel to every child and provide daily opportunities for them to grow and mature in their walks with the Lord.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to develop and fully realize the unique gifts and talents the Lord has given them.

Therefore…we also give each child an academic assessment to determine their academic abilities and then develop an individual remedial education plan to help them gain vital skills.

…we employ sufficient teachers to ensure each child receives the best possible education, with the individual attention, tutoring, and encouragement each child requires.

…we financially support Secondary School (High School) for children who graduate from Primary School, exhibit proper character, and are academically qualified.

…we provide vocational training in a variety of trades so that children may develop the skills they need to find employment and live independently when they leave Agape.

…we encourage children to develop their particular interests and talents by providing opportunity to work in the vegetable garden, tend animals, participate in various crafts, learn to play musical instruments, etc.

We believe that every Christian has an individual, personal responsibility to help address, on an urgent and immediate basis, the needs of street children and children at risk.

Therefore…we do all we can to make people aware of the plight of street children and to communicate to them the magnitude and urgency of the problem.

…we endeavor to enlist people who will pray for street children.

…we seek people who will support Agape and other ministries to street children with their finances.

…we encourage people to participate on short-term mission teams aimed at providing help and support for ministries to street children while being exposed to the needs and challenges that street children face.

…we challenge people to consider whether the Lord might be calling them to become missionaries involved in ministering to street children through Agape.