Vision of Ministry

As the Lord directs and empowers us:

  • It is our intent as a ministry and as individual members of the Agape team to bring honor and glory to the Lord in all that we say and do.

  • We are committed to operating on the basis of biblical principles, particularly by always endeavoring to do what is right and just.

  • We are driven by the desire to do what is best for each child, on an individual basis.


Within the context of those statements of philosophy, there are four primary components to Agape’s vision of ministry. We refer to them as our four “Rs.” We consider it our mission to:



to remove children from the helplessness, hopelessness, and life-threatening dangers of being on the streets and, in a loving Christian environment, provide for their basic physical needs for safety, shelter, food, clothing, and medical care.



to share the life-changing message of the Gospel both with children at Agape and with those remaining on the streets. Helping to lead a child to Christ and discipling them in their faith is the ultimate purpose of our ministry. ¬†Only as the Lord transforms children’s hearts is our ministry truly meaningful and effective.



to help children deal with their emotional and psychological needs, offer them an environment of Christian love and acceptance, equip them with life skills, and provide them with academic and sometimes vocational training. Our goal is to equip them to live productive, contributing, Christ-centered lives as they become adults.



to help children reconnect and be reintegrated with their families as long as it is safe and in the individual child’s best interests to do so. This requires significant interaction with the families and presents opportunities to share the message of Christ’s love and compassion with the family. At times it is necessary to assist parents and families with counseling and other support to better equip them to provide and care for their children. We seek to prepare the children to re-enter and become accepted, socially responsible members of, their families and communities.


As we carry out our ministry to street children and children at risk, it is our intent to be sensitive to and respectful of the cultures in which Agape operates. Our goal is to bring a Christian perspective, not an American or Western perspective, to what we do.

It is not our purpose to change local culture. However, if there are ways local culture or beliefs run counter to God’s Word, we will seek to follow the Bible in what we teach and how we minister. It is important that we operate within God’s culture and pass that culture on to the children in our care, irrespective of human cultural setting.