Our Future

As the Lord provides and leads, these are areas to expand our ministry that we are looking at for the future. Please pray with us that His direction and provision will be clear.


Agape Girls' Property

Agape Girls opened in September os 2012 in a rented facility. We are working with the city of Kisumu to give us a piece of land or building we can rehabilitate into a permanent facility. Ideally, we’d have enough land to expose the girls to gardening, animal husbandry, and perhaps even fish farming so they can take these skills back to their families upon their reintegration.


Help Other Street Kids

On any given night, 150,000,000 children sleep on the street around the world. As the Lord provides the financial resources and the missionary personnel needed, it is our prayer that Agape will be able to reach out to more children not only in Africa, but elsewhere as well – bringing help and hope and the love of Jesus to these poorest of the poor around the world.